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Re: Antennas

Hi Joe,

A few years ago I modified my 2MCP14 to a 2MCP22.  VA3DGR was kind enough
to provide me with the drawings for his 2MCP22.  I chose to go with a new
boom and drilled it according to the 22 element specs.  Many of the
element lengths are different so I also had to make some new elements. It
worked very well and made the difference in working AO-10 and not working
it.  After AO-10 ceased to be useful I converted the antenna back to 14
elements. Fortunately I kept all the surplus parts from the first
modification so that conversion was easy. One of these days I'm going to
buy a driven element assembly and convert the rest of the 22 element
antenna to a 11 element horizontal unit.

One of the drills with the bullseye level in the back really helps in
drilling the boom if you don't happen to have a drill press. I use a
homebrew polarity switching setup.  I'm going to describe it for the
AMSAT Journal one of these days.  I had all the lengths of the phasing
harness but I have since lost them so I now have to start from scratch if
I describe it!

Good luck on your effort.

73's de Jess - W4MVB 
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