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Re: Re: ATV from Space?

Re: GEO....

It would probably cost less of our dear monetary resources to "lease" a
C-Band channel ( ie "DishNuts") on an existing GEO, then everyone would just
be responsible for their own uplink expenses ... now ...before everyone gets
upset that it's NOT amateur anymore...consider it as a "Channel" in a "New
Band" much like the new channels for the US at 5 MHz and maybe 500 KHz.

Didn't Wayne Green propose something similar using the excess Bell Telephone
capacity during the 70's?

Don't get nervous...just thinking outloud


William said:

<<When you want to do ATV from space, then better be sure of a GEO satellite
and use 10GHz systems.
On 10GHz there is lot of commercial TV equipment
The only problem you have to solve is the GEO place in space.

We can already get into GTO's... Now we need just a good rocket to get from
there into GEO...

Then I suggest a transponder, so we can use any kindof ATV mode... It is
also interresting for test of
high data rate links between continents, e.g for a
packet radio back-bone>>
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