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ISS Voice

I just had a voice contact with NA1SS  (Space Station US call sign) on the
2120h pass over Europe.
It was un-expected and I did not have time to get the name of the operator or
ask if they would QSL.  (To excited! )
Can anybody tell me who the operator was and tell me if direct QSL is
It's got to be one of the best ways to interest the game boy generation into
Amateur Radio by telling them it's possible to talk to the crew of the space
station if the are lucky enough! Showing them a ISS QSL card would the icing
on the cake. I remember seeing the MIR space station on a friends QSL display
and never forgetting it!
This has been the highlight of my Amateur Radio adventures so far!

Paul Luggar


Amsat-UK 6484
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