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Re: ATV from Space?

I like the idea of digital video.  It also enables other applications as
well by having a highspeed digital link.  Analog video on 70cm isn't
possible from space since the required 6 MHz bandwidth exceeds the
435-438 MHz allocated to space stations in 97.207(c)(2).

Whatever the implementation it is all certainly a good opportunity to
excercise Jan's excellent link budget spreadsheets available at 


On Thu, 2005-12-29 at 21:14 +0000, John B. Stephensen wrote:
> There are two problems due to frequency allocations. The uplink band is 10
> MHz wide and amateur FM FSTV is 17 MHz wide. The downlink band is 3 MHz wide
> and AM FSTV is 6 MHz wide.
> Digital video would require less power than analog video and PCs can do the
> necessary compression. It seems that a 384 kbps digital transponder would be
> a better investment as this speed supports streaming video over the
> Internet.
> 73,
> John
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