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Re: [ATNA] More thoughts about HAM TV from space

OOPS... Big change in the original ATV satellite premise:

The opportunity I am working on is on the ISS, so 
we cannot TX on 70 cm since that will probably be 
the main uplink band for all the other ham stuff
on board.  SO I guess that means it will need to 
be 2.4 GHz downlink. 

THus, all it takes to receive it is a standard MDS
downconverter which plugs directly into a TV
set.  OK, lets study that approach.  Do the link
calculations and lets see how much TX power
(to an omni) is needed for receiving on a 2' dish.

de Wb4APR, Bob

>>> mvonlanthen@vtx.ch 12/30/05 12:13 PM >>>
> 1 - The satellite rules were changed to allow HAM TV downlinks between 
> 420 and 440 MHz.
> 2 - We could decide which of the five HAM TV standard channels to
> use:  421.25, 426.25, 427.25, 434.00, 439.25.


After short study, it's not permitted to use the 1200 MHz band in the 
sens space-earth as i was proposing in my precedent message. The best 
solution would be to use DATV on 430 MHz but only between 435 et 438 
MHz, the sole permitted space segment in Europe.

So use the 434 MHz channel pushed to 436,5 MHz per example for the 
downlink space to earth and 1200 MHz for uplink earth to space. But use 
DATV instead of normal ATV, it would be much easier.

michel hb9afo

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