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Re: RE: ATV from Space?

>>> Cathryn Mataga <cathrynm@junglevision.com>
>How about this.  We Use AO51 for now and do it all
>in software.  Doesn't AO51 have 56Kbaud up and 76Kbaud

DOes anyone other than the Kenwood VC-H1
handheld SSTV device generate the FAST-FM
mode which can do an SSTV image in 15 seconds?

If this was within the realm of audio sound cards,
then a dual FM system which allowed a user to
talk-AND-send his picture at the same time
might be a nice mode.  Thus each person can
get his 15 seconds of fame.  And this could be
done with much less power... and each picture
is described.

In fact, maybe this could be done on AO-51
as an experiment if both of its transmitters
can be separately operated in FM mode?

de WB4APR, Bob
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