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Re: RE: Update- New Object near SSETI

On Thu, Dec 29, 2005 at 04:49:31PM -0700, Devere, George T GS-14 AFSPC/XPYC wrote:
>   We do  get results, but I have very
> little confidence that they are valid numbers so I will not pass them
> along.  
> So, I do not believe that we can help with valid delta V numbers for the
> other Cubesats.  

Hello Taft and the group,

I have compared the long-term differences in AOS of near overhead passes
derived from the published TLEs (from days 301, 314, 328, 356) and the
approximate speed differences compared to SSETI EXPRESS are for
UWE-1 +0.8 m/s and for CUBESAT XI-V +0.5 m/s. For 28897 with TLEs from
days 355 and 363 the speed difference evaluates to about -0.4 m/s.
All three speed differences are at least within the same order of magnitude.
 Happy New Year to all,
Dr. Viktor W. Kudielka
e-mail: viktor.kudielka@ieee.org,oe1vkw@amsat.org,oe1vkw@oevsv.at        
S-mail: Peter Jordan Str.165  A-1180 Vienna AUSTRIA  
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