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Re: RE: ATV from Space?

>>> <G0MRF@aol.com> 12/29/05 7:48 PM >>>
>>He would  invite stations one at a time.
>>There would be no collisions on the uplink  because
>>only one station would be invited to transmit
>>at a  time.
>Unbelivable.  (Is it the first of April?)

Ah, but my experience is that directed nets are
very well respected in the amateur community.
They work very well, users hold off until it is their
turn and it shows the respect and professionalism
of the amateur radio service.

What you are thinking about is the free-for-all
way that the AMSAT's are operated.  Yes, those
are a zoo.  But that is only because they are planned
to operate that way.  A transponder dedicated to
directed net only operation would work quite
differently. IMHO...   WB4APR, Bob
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