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Re: RE: ATV from Space?

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>It would be full duplex so people can see
>who is successful and not TX while another picture
>is there.  But more importantly, we would not
>operate this repeater like AMSAT does.  We would
>have it be a scheduled system with a net control
>operating as a directed net.
>He would invite stations one at a time.
>There would be no collisions on the uplink because
>only one station would be invited to transmit
>at a time.  Other events could be scheduled
>and planned.  It would be up to the net control
>on each pass what the operations would do.
>Net controls would sign up for given passes
>on given days via a WEB based scheduling
How about this.  We Use AO51 for now and do it all
in software.  Doesn't AO51 have 56Kbaud up and 76Kbaud
down.   Use existing video compression -- weren't the
Ogg Vorbis guys working on this?  Or maybe use Mpeg4 or
Real Video -- and stuff that in packets that come down from the
satellite, and write a nice interface to show video in real time, and to 
video in real time or maybe use some variant of the existing
Packet Satellite code to queue up the movies for display later. 

76Kbits is just enough to do some okay-looking video.  Run a few experiments
and if it looks good then build a new satellite dedicated just for this 
purpose --
maybe ramp up to 153kbaud?

Maybe part of the project would be nice to establish some kind standard
for ham radio digital video.
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