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RE: Spirit-2 and FT-847

The Spirit 2 is capable of 9600 and 38400 baud operation.  Pin 7 needs to be
grounded and JP11 set for 9600 for the Spirit 2 to both transmit and receive
at 9600 baud.  If pin 7 is ungrounded, then receive will operate at 38400
baud while transmitting at 9600 baud; i.e. ""same speed" communication will
not be possible".  I installed a switch in the Pin 7 line to switch between
grounded and ungrounded operation. Now here is what confuses me. 

Did you see on page 15 where it says for pin 7 to ground it to pin 6 to
activate the dual speed feature of the satellite model?  This seems to
contradict what it says on page 60.  Should pin 7 be grounded to pin 3


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Check your manual on page 60 (the very back part specific to the Spirit
[which they call Sprint !]) and see if you understand the section in
troubleshooting called 'Satellite model transmits but will not receive'.

This seems to be stated in the opposite ie. It states that if pin 7 is not
grounded then 'same speed' communication will not be possible. Page 15
states that grounding this pin activates the dual-speed feature of the
Satellite model. Huh ?

It looks like I need to check jumper 11. 

How do you read this ? This is a very confusing section !

73, Jamie
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