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RE: ATV from Space?


I have tought about ATV in space also, several years
The mode in RF way is very interresting, but for
none-hams or users its only the contents of the
picture that is of interrest.

I just wonder what the pictures will be...
With a repeater its lot of bandwidth for just one
picture and you get the same problems like the FM
voice birds. I wonder if you ever see a clear picture
with many uplinks on this one channel.

I am not into the ATV world, but when I am right they
use also the normal standard modes, like PAL, SECAM
and Never The Same Colour.
I wonder what the satellite will have ?? 

I would go for a simple telemetry system like RTTY or
the AO40 alike 400bpsk that gives 24/7 information
about activities in ham world. With ham world I mean
from all ham clubs and activities around the globe.
(it can be collected via email to the satellite
control station and in bulk uploaded in the satellites

The only thing how we use our satellites is with
making qso's...
Another good thing you can do with a satellite is to
broadcast information to hams. Unfortunatly we still
use the commercial internet or local club magazines
for this. What would not be more interresting to read
the dayly or weekly ham news directly from a

This will atracts hams as well as none-hams (when we
use a not to complex mode) and is informative for all
of us.

Just another idea... :o)

73 de PE1RAH
William Leijenaar
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