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Re: Spirit-2 and FT-847

Edward R. Cole wrote:

>Jamie and Kevin,
>My comments may not pertain to the PacComm TNC:
>I have a KPC-3 connected to my FT-847 with no problems for 1200-baud packet
>using the 6-pin mini-DIN jack for PKT.  I also made up a cable for
>9600-baud with another min-DIN plug to run audio to my soundcard for mix-W
>+ Tlm-Echo.
>The FT-847 has three mini-DIN jacks: PKT = 6-pin, STBY = 5-pin, and TUNER =
>PKT jack:
>1- Data IN = TXA
>2- Gnd
>3- PTT
>4- 9600 Data OUT
>5- 1200 Data OUT
>6- SQL
>There is no 7th pin.  Perhaps the PacComm TNC uses a 7-line cable so that
>is the problem?
>Anyway, my experience is that the FT-847 drawing is correct and have no
>problems.  Note that drawings view from rear of panel (as they state in the
>manual).  What is especially nice is Yaesu used the same connector/pin
>assignment on the FT-817 so my cables are compatible switching between
>radios for packet (too bad this is not done more often by manufacturers).
>73's and HNY,
>Ed - KL7UW 
Hi Ed and Kevin:

Here's what I accomplished over lunch when I ran back home to continue 
my quest - I assumed that the '847 pinout was correct and that I 
soldered it correctly (!) to the TNC (8 DIN) plug per the diagram in its 
manual. I unplugged the TNC cable and took it appart and briefly shorted 
the PTT pin to ground - and it keyed the transmitter correctly. I 
discovered at this point that the supplied plug body extends a bit too 
far past the pins, preventing good contact in the TNC socket.

So I have PTT working fine, but I still can't get the received signal to 
the TNC nor connect to a packet cluster. So something appears to be 
wrong at the TNC.

Ed, I think you can do what you are doing with one cable if you simply 
tie the 1200 and 9600 baud lines together at the TNC. The only 
difference, as far as I understand it, is the degree of attenuation in 
the '847.

The quest continues ... wonder if it's a software command I need ...

73, Jamie
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