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ATV from Space?

I'd like to form a core design group to design
a satellite Amateur TV repeater.  Everyone knows
this wont work unless the satellite has lots of
power (far beyond our usual power budgets).

But what if there was a launch opportunity that
had 100 watts or more power available?  

I'm in the middle of a lunch campaign and dont
have time right now to work up a link budget,
but thought some others might enjoy looking
at the problem.

1) Assume ranges of 1500 km
2) Assume 100 watts DC average power
3) Uplink FM on 1.2 GHz band
4) Downlink VSB FSTV on 70 cm band

Someone want to work it up and address all
the issues of bandwidth, coordination,
compatibility, etc...

Goal would be anyone with a cable ready TV
to see signals using maybe the gain of a
handhled Arrow antenna for downlink?

US Naval Academy Satellite Lab.
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