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Re: West Coast Pileups on ISS

On 28 Dec 2005 at 22:29, Emily Clarke wrote:

> Despite what people say about LEO's, the west coast ISS passes very 
> popular (and quite a pileup).  It's a grand thing to see a lot of new 
> callsigns on the ISS that don't show up on other LEOs.
> I know this will start a firestorm of comment and I apologize in 
> advance if the LEO/HEO wars start again. But these experiments show 
> that LEOs are popular.
> Thanks to ARISS for this experiment.
> 73,
> Emily
> ---------------------------------
> W0EEC - CM87tm

No Emily it takes courage to makes us remember that once upon a time we use to 
makes QSO's all over the world on a famous satellite eg: AO-40 (more than 800 
entry in my log). At his period to be honest i was not interested at all to use 
any LEO at the exception of ISS.

What other choices we have? play bingo? no we use what it is available! There 
is one who puts "pulling for P3E" in his signature. I think he wants to have a 
HEO. Lets say there is two kind of satellite fans one group are the users and 
the other one the builders is it possible the builders in 2006 accept they 
cannot exist without the other one? and vice versa?

Happy new year Emily continue to voice your opinion and ideas in the BOD in 

"It is not the class of license the amateur holds, but the class of the amateur 
that holds the license."

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
AMSAT 33583
Skype VE2DWE
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