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Re: Re: [amsat-bb] Ajude a AMSAT a choc ar a Įguia ! (Portuguese)

On 28 Dec 2005 at 18:15, jmfranke wrote:

> Why fund the programs serially?  Why cannot they proceed in parallel as they 
> have done so this far?

Because funding are hard to get and concentrating resources even worlwide will 
at least be a first step in the right direction. I suggest in the past that the 
various AMSAT'S implement in their membership fees a satellite construction 
fee. This fee will be devoted exclusively to satellites construction project.

If " $150,000 USD" is divided by lets say 10000 worldwide AMSAT'S members this 
make 15$ each and i honestly believe no one will be against a 15$ increased on 
their annual membership fee if they know this will produce CONCRETE and REAL 
results not in 5 or 6 years but immediately over a one year period.

There is even more gain with this idea each year 150000$ will added up to a 
construction fund there we will have the MONEY to build project without having 
to always begging money on the street.  

  There would not be as many amateur satellites with 
> diverse attributes if everything was done serially.  Displaced groups 
> accomplish more by focusing on local programs.

That's exactly what each and every AMSAT BOD are doing year after year. It is 
not by living in the past that things will change. When i read on this BB i 
feel some are still in the cold war era and they systematically rely on their 
past vision refusing to make a step towards new ideas.

Just look at the recent AMSAT-VU HAMSAT saga where one guy William take on his 
shoulders to build HIS own transponder i don't see even a chunk of $$$ support 
from the various AMSAT'S! but yes he received the usual hollow politicaly 
motivated...usual "thankings"

  I do not think it is your 
> place to decide how "we" will proceed.  Your "vision" is not perfect.  Those 
> that can, do, those that cannot, run on and on about what the doers should 
> do.  I support those that create real products, not just endless words. 
> And, I support programs for satellites I believe in as well as those that 
> are different.
> John  WA4WDL

Here is another living proof of what am i saying. I'm glad you are the ONE as 
you said (" I support those that create real products, not just endless 
words.") who support again!...as you said "And, I support programs for 
satellites" but just to remind you there is a lot more other one's... who only 
pay their membership dues and they are as you said "  Those that can, do, those 
that cannot, run on and on about what the doers should do" you even added up
"  I support those that create real products" What you do with the rest? that's 
why you  wrote " I believe in as well as those that are different."... curious 
way to show up your belief? Lets say it is the usual North American double 
standard mentality and it is much more harder to change...

Just have a look of the last message i received from one of your  fellow US 
citizen... and i copy his last one...

On 17 Nov 2005 at 8:33, Reicher, James wrote:

That's regular messages i received from this guy. Could be he needs help from 
Psychiatric services...

 " I believe in as well as those that are different." let us now all see how 
you still believe in those who are different? You have a case to grind your  
teeth on if you really believe in those who are different.

Bottom line let those who wants to freely voices their opinions free and 
welcome to do it don't act as the AMSAT-NA censorship who control what's the 
membership and volunteers can say! Is the concept of liberty is not supposed to 
be included in the American Constitution? I don't know how AMSAT-NA can ask 
from donations from US federal employees without even respecting their own 
American constitution?

It is not as you said "not just endless words. " that i'm speaking about here. 
i can prove it! in the own AMSAT-NA  "endless words" just ask for it if you 
still believe in what you wrote "I believe in as well as those that are 

 I am sorry that AMSAT-NA let say the actual BOD are not sharing you opinion on 
the right to be "DIFFERENT"	 I still believe that some BOD members will show up 
and act accordingly to their beliefs.

Is AMSAT-NA is a non democratic funded US corporation? Could be a BOD member 
will show up here with some explanations? As the BOD don't bother to read their 
own BB i CC them this one, this way they cannot hide behind their usual hollow 
excuses that they are too busy working on more urgent matter that listening 
their membership.

Happy new year from a still AMSAT-NA "only" paying member who even still put 
his AMSAT membership number in his signature John... but for how long...ask the 

PS. Did you believe in the freedom of speech John?

"It is not the class of license the amateur holds, but the class of the amateur 
that holds the license."

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
AMSAT 33583
Skype VE2DWE
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