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Spirit-2 and FT-847


Well Santa was especially good to me this year and I scored a new PacComm
Spirit-2 TNC. I've been working on getting things up and running, but I'm
having some difficulty. The radio to TNC cable I was especially careful
with, but for some reason, the '847 is not cooperating. I can get connected
using Hyperterminal and see the intro message fine. Tuning to the APRS
frequency does not produce any light on the DCD or received packets. An
attempt to connect to a call shows the PTT light blinking until it times
out, but it doesn't actually key the '847.

Is the diagram in the '847 manual for the packet connector correct ?? I have
run into this before with Yaesu printing incorrect cable configurations.
(BTW, I do have the pin 7 grounded per the manual for non-matched baud for

One other thing I noticed - when I power off the TNC while still with
Hyperterminal, and then turn it back on, the RAM goes to default settings -
didn't save the MYCALL.

Thanks for any help

73, Jamie
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