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Yaesu FT-726R Display Woes

Hi All,

My FT-726R is a great little radio that just never skiped a beat. It has
however been showing some signs of age in that some of the segments of the
frequency display have been energizing when they shouldn't be. It's far from
unreadable because the offending segements are only about half the brightness
of the ones that should be on and is really more of a bother then anything.

This old one is far from the shacks primary radio but it's served me well and
likely has more then a few good QSO's left in it so I'd like to see if I could
find a replacement part or unit that is either new or used and still
serviceable. The part number listed in the Service/Technical Supplement Manual
is FIP12A5A while the unit P/N is (Yaesu) C024490A with the symbol number

I'm likely not going to find one but one never knows...HAMs do tend to collect

73 and all the best in the coming New Year,

Wayne, VE1WPH
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