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RG-6 quad shield for 72 ohm cable and other antenna questions

I'm trying to homebrew  a crossed yagi array for 2 meters and since I have a
bunch of RG-6 quad shield cable lying around here from when I had sattellite
TV, I'm wondering if I could possibly use it for the matching/phasing harness
or do I need some other type of 72 ohm coax? I plan on offsetting the elements
a quarter wavelength on the same boom. I've been reading the Satellite
Handbook and I'm still a little confused about measuring the electrical length
of the matching/phasing lines. I looked up the velocity factor of the cable
but I have no access to a dip meter. Is this super critical or can I wing it?
 I've been homebrewing antennas all my life but the phasing  and circular
polarization stuff is new to me. Any help would be appreciated.
Tnx and 73,
Michael, W4HIJ
AMSAT # 36017
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