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Have YOU responded to the Eagle Appeal?

The following was posted in the latest ANS,  Not everyone may have  
seen it and given end-of-year tax planning that many do, I thought it  
would be appropriate to post it on amsat-bb.

AMSAT-NA members should have received by now an Eagle Appeal Letter  
from AMSAT-NA President Rick Hambly, W2GPS.  The Appeal includes a  
from Rick, a color brochure on Eagle, a donation form, and return  
envelope.  This is the first fundraising effort for Eagle as it is  
expected to take four years to build and launch the first satellite  
and three additional years for the second.  AMSAT must raise at least  
$150,000 in 2006 to keep the project on track.

Initial response to the Appeal has been good.  SpaceQuest, Ltd. of  
Fairfax, VA made our first corporate donation to Eagle this past  
week.  Many thanks to Mark Kanawati, N4TPY and Dino Lorenzini, KC4YMG  
for the strong support!  AMSAT members will recall that AO-51 was  
built by SpaceQuest under AMSAT-NA contract and was launched in June  
2004.  In addition, 12 individuals have qualified for President's  
Club status this week as a result of their generosity in response to  
the Appeal.

AMSAT-NA members who pay US income tax may take a tax deduction from  
their donation to AMSAT, which is recognized by the Internal Revenue  
Service as  a 501-(c)(3) scientific organization.  To qualify as a  
2005 tax deduction, the donation must be post marked in 2005 or  
submitted in 2005.  Donations made after January 1, 2006 may be  
applied against 2006 taxes.  AMSAT will gladly accept donations via  
the AMSAT website using your credit card, the mailing of checks, and  
PayPal submissions.  The AMSAT office will be closed until January 4,  
2006, so making donations via telephone will not be possible until  
after the first of the year.  In addition, individuals who may wish  
to donate securities can do so as well and avoid capital gains on the  
securities that are donated.  Contact AMSAT Treasurer Gunther Meisse,  
W8GSM for details on how to arrange a transfer to AMSAT.  Due to  
passage of the Katrina Emergency Relief Act of 2005 (KETRA) by  
Congress, there are additional advantages in giving charitable gifts  
by December 31, 2005 to qualified organizations, such as AMSAT.  Talk  
to your financial advisor about how KETRA can provide current income  
and estate tax advantages.

Your donation and personal support of Eagle is critical.  If you  
haven't made your contribution, please consider making a donation.

Help AMSAT to hatch Eagle!

73 and Happy New Year,

Barry Baines, WD4ASW
VP-Marketing & User Services
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