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"Parking Frequency" on WiSP DDE ?

Hi All,

Merry Christmas & Seasons Greetings to you all.

As is usual at this time of year, I'm finding some time to play amateur
radio.  :-)   I have recently got an Icom PCR-1000 receiver, and am working
out the best way to use it for receiving as many satellites as possible.

I was previously using Al Lawler's excellent FT7361.exe program to interface
to the DDE Server on WiSP, thus automating the selection of TX & RX
frequency, and compensating for Doppler shift.  A very nice feature of Al's
program was the ability to control it via the command line, (

For example, under the "Setup | Schedule Events" menu of WiSP, the following
command would be run 30 seconds before a satellite pass, getting FT7361.exe
ready to be controlled via the DDE interface:

c:\etc\ft736\extctrl.exe WISP

The following command would be run at the end of each satellite pass,
putting the FT-736 back onto 145.175MHz FM (the Australian National APRS

c:\etc\ft736\extctrl.exe TERRESTRIAL

What I am now trying to do, is work out a way of achieving the same outcome
with the PCR-1000 and CX6DD's "WiSPDDE" software.  WiSPDDE is already able
to be controlled via the DDE interface to WiSP, tracking a satellite during
a pass...  but how do I get it to revert to a terrestrial "parking
frequency" between passes?

WiSPDDE already has two known command line options - "S" for "Run Once, then
exit after a satellite pass", and "R" for "Reset" (as in "delete all
registry settings?").  

One option, would be to use "WiSPDDE S" to only run the software during a
pass, and then use other software to control the PCR-1000 between passes.

Another option, would be for WiSPDDE to support a set of defaults for the
satellite called "** NO SATELLITE **", sending the PCR-1000 to that config
in the absence of a visible satellite.

Does anyone have any bright ideas / existing methods for achieving this?

Many thanks in advance,


P.S  I am also wondering how to control the parallel port via WiSPDDE...  or
perhaps I'll do that separately.
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