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9600 baud with IC-910H


I had a PK-900 married up to my IC-821H (which I have since sold), 9600
worked great.  I bought a IC-910H and am getting around to hooking it
up, which I figured would be as simple as plugging the cable in from the
PK-900 to the 910...  I cannot receive and can only occasionally get a
packet decoded on my D7A.

I adjusted the level out of the PK-900 as the 910 wasn't wanting to
transmit or was right on the edge and chopped, and this helped some, but
I'm still only getting 1 out of every 3-5 packets decoded on the D7A.

Do I need to use the 6 pin mini-din packet jack on the back for 9600
baud?  On the 821H it was the 8 pin DIN and that's the cable I saved and
am trying to use on the 910, with little success.  The manual says when
in 9600 baud mode the audio should be constant and not squelch cut, but
through the accessory DIN it is cut, do I have something else set wrong
or am I on the wrong connector?


Ryan Butler
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