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Re: 9600 baud with IC-910H

As an addendum, I checked the output of the PK-900 on a scope, and a I
see a decent eye pattern.  When I put the scope on the 8 pin accessory
rx audio, I see diminished noise similar to squelch noise, no eye which
leads me to believe I do not have discriminator audio at this point
(plus the fact that it's squelch cut).

Ryan, KB0JQO

On Tue, 2005-12-27 at 21:30 -0600, Ryan Butler wrote:
> Hello,
> I had a PK-900 married up to my IC-821H (which I have since sold), 9600
> worked great.  I bought a IC-910H and am getting around to hooking it
> up, which I figured would be as simple as plugging the cable in from the
> PK-900 to the 910...  I cannot receive and can only occasionally get a
> packet decoded on my D7A.
> I adjusted the level out of the PK-900 as the 910 wasn't wanting to
> transmit or was right on the edge and chopped, and this helped some, but
> I'm still only getting 1 out of every 3-5 packets decoded on the D7A.
> Do I need to use the 6 pin mini-din packet jack on the back for 9600
> baud?  On the 821H it was the 8 pin DIN and that's the cable I saved and
> am trying to use on the 910, with little success.  The manual says when
> in 9600 baud mode the audio should be constant and not squelch cut, but
> through the accessory DIN it is cut, do I have something else set wrong
> or am I on the wrong connector?
> Thanks!
> Ryan Butler
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