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Re: SuitSat Questions

Answers below each of your questions.
Kenneth - N5VHO

1) Why do they want to burn up a suit ?
Answer: The suit has reached the end of its certification. These suits are
normally just burned up inside of a Progress vehicle as trash. Why not use
it for a little experiment?

2) You have to equip the suit with electronics from earth, so why not just
deploy the electronics.
Answer: Could do that bue it is a lot more exciting and different.

3) How come we have photos on earth of the suit that is in space to be
burntup ?
Answer: The photos are of a training mock-up. The actual suit is aboard the

4) Where do the electronics and the suit finally meet ?
Answer: Not sure what you mean by this. The radio components are added to
the suit on orbit. The two parts are actually kept isolated from each other.
The suit is just a compartment for the hardware to reside in.

The story does not seem to be complete
Andrew Rich - VK4TEC
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