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North Dakota/AO-51 Digi/ISS Crossband

Howdy Gang,

Back home from North Dakota for a couple days then off to ski with my
grandsons in Colorado.

When I was in North Dakota I gave the wrong grid square as DN89  I was in
DN87 repeat  DN87.  Opps my mistake guys.

Question on the AO-51 Digi. Is this like the APRS digi on board PCSAT-1
?????  I set up an Igate for the last two passes today according to the
bulletin and sent my position from home and truck at 9600 baud and tried to
Igate with no success as I head nothing on the downlink due to voice on
435.300 + -.  I hope I am reading this correctly.  I could not copy for D:1
or D:0 off and on for Digi so not sure if it was on.  I was running APRS +
SA and Igating for everyone.  Let me know if I am reading this correctly.

Really happy to see the ISS on Crossband and a very big thanks to
controllers and personell involved. You made a lot of hams happy this
holiday by putting the crossband active.  Thanks so much.

Happy   New  Year  Everyone....

Bill K7MT Helena, Mt.
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