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Early Christmas present from NA1SS

Got a very early Christmas present this year from NA1SS:

For some reason I so far never managed to have a voice contact with the
ISS. Bad luck, but mostly poor timing (QRL etc). December 22nd I was
waiting for the ISS to come over (15 degrees max elevation) in a late
night pass (21:15 pm UTC). As the ISS was approaching the APRS system was
still switched on, I just started to call to make sure I would the first
to be heared. Also, I wanted to get more out of it than just a callsign
confirmation and prepared a question:

NA1SS good evening, from PA3GUO.

PA3GUO, NA1SS good evening.

Hi - good evening Bill, I have been looking for you for months!
I have a burning question, I was always wondering, how does
the station sound like, is it quiet or is it noisy ?
Good evening from PA3GUO.

PA3GUO, it is, it has different noise levels in different parts,
if you are near any of the big, the ventilation system you can
hear a fairly high level of noise in the upper 60's of decibels.
It's a little quieter in some lcoations such as the docking
compartment or in the node - over.

Audio recording, equipment and pictures are at: http://www.qsl.net/pa3guo
Thanks to Cor PD0RKC for the hints and tips !
Can you image a better start of the holidays ?

Henk - PA3GUO
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