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TlmEcho Ver 1.1.1 Release

I've placed the new version of TlmEcho, the Telemetry Decoding Program for
AO-51, or my website.  Either use
http://home.centurytel.net/ke4aznsatellite/ and then the Telemetry Tab or
direct with http://home.centurytel.net/ke4aznsatellite/echo.htm.  If you
have used a previous version then you can just place these new files in the
existing directory and begin to use the new version.  If this is the first
time using the program, then you may need to download the full installation
of the previous version, before installing these new files.  Instructions
are on the web page.

Also a new EchoCoef file has been placed on the site for download.  This
file has better high and low limits for the Tlm Channels.

This is a copy of the ReadMe file that is included with the new version. It
outlines the features of Ver 1.1.1.

Changes in Version 1.1.1

Text Frame Displays
Added 3 Text Frames to bottom of the Main Downlink View.  These may
be selected ON or OFF in the Setup Menu.  These settings are saved in
the Screen Layout Save feature, detailed below.  The three text
frames are:

1) Time Frame (blue): Displays the last PHT time received from the
Satellite.  This is the TIME-1 frame.

2) Amsat Message Frame (red): Displays the last Text Broadcast
Message.  This is the AMSATN-1 frame.

3) LSTAT Frame (magenta):  Displays the last LSTAT frame.  This
is the LSTAT-0 frame.

These frames are sent at intervals specified by the command station.
The Time Frame indicates the current date and time from the
satellite, as well as the uptime from the last load of the
Housekeeping Task.  The Amsat Message frame contains a message
that is uploaded by the command station.  The LSTAT frame is used
by the command station to determine the status of software loading
when the satellite is being sent new (or reload) software tasks.

Filtered Data Window
Added a new window to display data "filtered" based on callsign.
This new window is found in the Setup menu.  It also has a feature
to save the "filtered" packets to a date stamped file that is
located in the filter subdirectory.  The active status, position,
and selection to save data configurations, are saved by the Screen
Layout feature.

A file named "filterlist.txt" is located in the root directory
of TlmEcho.  In this file, a list of up to 20 callsigns can be
included in the filter.  All packets with a matching callsign
are filtered out.  The user can edit this file to filter out the
desired packets.  Details on setting up this file are included in
the downloaded zip file.

Screen Layout Save Feature
Located in the File menu, this feature allows the user to save
the open/close window status and position.  The saved setting
will be used the next time the program is loaded.  After opening
the desired Telemetry windows, and positioning them on your screen,
use the the Save Screen Layout selection to set the current layout
as your default.  A file "screenlayout.txt" is created to store the
information.  To return to the initial default settings select the
Delete Screen Layout selection.

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