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Satellites with a ? next to them

I was mulling over the state of our "hobby" today soon after I worked Allen as J79AFV for a new country on SO-50. What a nice satellite SO-50 has turned out to be. Easy to work with a whip or Arrow, nice height and an orbit that moves around the day, making sure things do not get stale or boring. 

I can't help wondering (again) what became of SO-41, which was available to US hams for a while, as well as SO-42, which I never heard, and I don't think was ever open for general use. Sure would be nice to have them available (again ;-) ).

Along the same lines, is UNISAT-3 still transmitting data over Europe? It was rumored to have had a V/U FM repeater onboard similar to SO-50. Any hams ever copy the data? Was the format ever published?

I'd be ready to assist with any of these should it help their return to amateur service.

Just questions...don't really expect an answer.

73, Drew KO4MA

PS. Looking forward to the return of POsat, whatever the mode may end up being.
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