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Re: Features in FT-847 replacement, wish list

>I agree that the linked TX/RX sat tuning is a cool feature, but I think it 
>can be improved upon. The current linked tuning ratio on the 847 is 1 to 1 
>when the ratio of Doppler shift on 70cm compared to 2m is approx 3 to 1. Of 
>course, you can use the sub tune knob to fine-tune the uplink, but its use 
>could almost be eliminated if the VFOs tuned in the proper ratio. It seems 
>to me that enabling the feature would improve the clarity of FM voice 
>transmissions at lower elevations where the TX side is slightly over/under 

The purpose of the linked tuning isn't to correct doppler though. The 
purpose is to be able to QSY across a transponder and still maintain the 
proper uplink-downlink offset. What you suggest would work on the FM 
repeater sats, but for the most part, so would unlocking the VFOs and tuning 
the UHF only. SO-41 (RIP) and the ISS repeater are probably exceptions to 
this, as their uplinks receivers are a little narrow.

For FM reception of satellite signals, the AFC found in the 910 is the 
absolute cats meow. On AO-51 mode S I don't have to touch the VFO the entire 

I would LOVE to see a bandscope like the 756 has on a sat rig. Finally we 
could all see where the activity is on FO-29 or VO-52, as well as have a 
constant reference of how loud we are compared to the beacon.

73, Drew KO4MA 
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