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That's an Operating System & Satellite

As I was walking into the shack this evening, WiSP announced that AO-16 was rising.

After a couple of switch throws, a cable change and a mad search for the pre-amp power cable - the drone of AO-16 began to resonate.

Watching the data display in the WiSP screen I was impressed with the numbers I saw.

P:0x1D00 o:0 l:6654 f:7171, d:1 st:1
PHT: uptime is 2139/19:03:09.  Time is Thu Dec 22 22:54:15 2005

The uptime message says that the OS has been running continually for 2139 days and 19 hours.

Doing a little quick math, AO-16 has been operating over 5.8 years without resetting.

That is a reliable OS and satellite.   

Kudos to the AMSAT Microsat team of 1990!

Gould, WA4SXM
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