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Please change AO-51 to FM Repeater, V/U High Power Mode during 28 Dec 05 to 3 Jan 06 for 25th Asia Pacific Scout Jamboree 2005


Dear KE4AZN ; and  AO-51 Operations Group

According to the date during 28 December 2005  3 January 2006, Thailand will
be the host of 25th Asia Pacific Scout Jamboree 2005 event at Had Yao,
Sattahip, Chonburi. I and members in TAMSAT group will join this event as
Instructor for aerospace technology in the City of Science for those scouts.
We response for setting up the station for contact via Low Earth Orbit
Satellites (LEO), demonstrating the contact via all available LEO that can be
used in present such as FO-29, SO-50, AO-51, VO-52 by using special callsign
E25AJ to contact with HAM in Thailand and International HAM.  For all the
mentioned LEO, the most efficient LEO is only AO-51 that is belong to your
group.  The efficiency of connection will be the best when using in High Power
Mode as we can see on 22 Oct 2005 14:10 UTC E20QVD QSO with 9W2QC HAM of
Malaysia with the transmission power only 1 w.  In addition, we heard that
someone used handy transceiver and rubber duck antenna connected together via
AO-51 satellite already.

But as we found AO-51 Schedule that announce at http://www.amsat.org says that
after 19 Dec 2005 the mode of working would be FM Repeater, V/U and 9k6
Digital, V/U, PBP BBS that we can demonstrate the contact via Low Earth Orbit
Satellites (LEO).  but if this satellite working in High Power Mode, the
demonstration of contact via this satellite would be changed.  We can
demonstrate that only handy transceiver and rubber antenna can be contact to
each other via AO-51 LEO satellite.

Therefore, TAMSAT group would like to ask for your help from you that
controlling Low Earth Orbit Satellites (LEO) AO-51 satellite to change the
mode of working of this AO-51 to be FM Repeater, V/U High Power Mode and No PL
Tone during 28 Dec 05 to 3 Jan 06 as followed:-
FM Repeater, V/U High Power Mode Uplink: 145.920 MHz FM, No PL Tone Downlink
435.300 MHz FM and
FM Repeater, V/U High Power Mode Uplink: 145.880 MHz FM, No PL Tone Downlink
435.150 MHz FM

We hope that all these scouts joining this event would be very appreciated and
find the very useful information from demonstrating of contact via Low Earth
Orbit Satellites (LEO) AO-51 in this time.  Thank you very much in advance for
your help.  Should you have any question, please feel free to contact me via
this e-mail or find more information and see live broadcast at
http://jamboree.siamportals.com and see review area of 25th Asia Pacific Scout
Jamboree 2005 at http://echolink.station.in.th/forums/showthread.php?t=754

Best Regards,

Tanan Rangseeprom HS1JAN
E-mail : hs1jan@tamsat.org

The list of working people of Science City, HAM and Amature Satellites Camp,
25th Asia Pacific Scout Jamboree 2005.
International Space Station Contact Team
1. Chawalit Rassameenil E20KEW
2. Anan Panthongkam HS1GAB
3. Masashi Osada JI1CUJ
4. Wiroj Kittiyawattanajit HS1RMS
5. Tanan Rangseeprom HS1JAN
6. Karn Suwannarat E20ZFD
7. Chairat Pattarapimolsiri HS1KMZ
8. Noppadol Nimwanadon HS5IGY
9. Ruengkiat Chaiyapruak
10. Supong Sakchoowong E21QEB
11. Surachart Yaithawornpong E20QVD

Little Huston Event Team
1. Chawalit Rassameenil E20KEW
2.  Masashi Osada JI1CUJ
3. Tanan Rangseeprom HS1JAN

Space Detective Team
1. Karn Suwannarat E20ZFD
2. Tamolchanok Sumethaworrakul E20NKB
3. Eakkachai Wang-eak E21QWZ
4. Pacharin Somboon HS4PXM

 Super Radio Net Controller Team
1. Pakorn Ketutat E21DNM
2. Wiroj Kittiyawattanajit HS1RMS
3. Sutthiyapa Denpruaktham E20QMD
4. Thida Denpruaktham HS1ASC

Amazing Radio Team
1. Kamol Nakchum E20EHQ
2. Arthapong Thanee HS2USO
3. Paporn Nakchum HS0QCN

FOX Hounting Team
1. Sanchai Samneangdee E20RUZ
2. Chompoonuch Sunthornchote E20YNP
3. Anucha Ouvichien HS2OVY

Live Broadcast and Public Relation Team
1. Anan Panthongkam HS1GAB
2. Ritthikorn Manonom HS0QXM
3. Visith Kamtrae E20YXF
4. Pairat Wissawapalanont E20PFE


                        Mr. Tanan Rangseeprom  NaN / HS1JAN

                        Mobile : 666 123 4569 , 661 240 1169

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