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Possible Ncube-2 deployment - update

Hi All,

Many thanks to everyone who has been listening for NCube-2 and reporting in 
over the past 18 hours.

Sadly we have not yet had any reports of signals being received.

We have however had advice from NORAD that they do not believe it to be 
lightweight debris like a simple piece of kapton/aluminium foil. They are 
doing more investigations to see how the orbit of the new object compares 
with the other two cubesats.

The most recent element set for the new object is:

1 28897U 05043H   05356.63371086  .00000199  00000-0  51744-4 0    40
2 28897  98.1788 252.5557 0017644   5.9903 354.1530 14.59489176   371

This puts it some 30 secs ahead of Express and in a slightly more elliptical 

Please keep your fingers crossed and your ears open....:)


Graham G3VZV
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