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Features in FT-847 replacement, wish list

My dream Satellite Rig:		wf1f

I agree with most of the features you have listed. 
Lets hope that Yeasu, Icom and Kenwood are listening. 
I would even pay up to $3k usd for such a box.

I would like to see it in an Icom IC-756 case, with a
faster Spectrum analyzer and without the HF (below 10
or 6 meters).  Lets call this fictional radio the
FR-956 Pro (FR = Fictional Radio).

I would also need the Satellite mode switch from the
Yeasu FT-736.   I love the way the Rotating Satellite
knob works , its much better than Function-Buttons. 
And it allows you to easily adjust TX or RX Doppler.
When Yeasu developed the FT-736 they got it right and
made the best satellite radio ever.  I also own a
fully loaded Icom-910 and found it completely missed
the mark on the satellite bands (its now for sale).  I
am going to keep my Yeasu FT-736 until the FR-956 Pro

My additions:
ATV	for 440, 900, 1.2g, and 2.4	VSB, FM, NTSC and PAL 
TX and RX
	With auto Doppler correction for doing Moon TV
AM	All bands
FM	2.5k, 5k and wideband 20k Stereo TX and RX (20k is
legal on 440 and 1.2, etc)

>From John Klim
2. Spectrum display
3. Computer interface (USB not serial)
4. Add other Microwave modules (5 GHz for example)
5. Interface for Digital modes (RTTY, PSK, and others)

>From John Geiger

 1. Optional modules for 222, 902,  and 2.4G.  
 2. Cover 10m/6m/2m/70cm/23cm as standard.  Full HF
would be nice, 
 3. 100 watts on 6/2/70cm with 25 watts on 1.2g.
 4. Built in SWR meter, voice keyer, CW memory keyer,
 subreceiver (like the TS2000) with crossband repeat
 5. Ability to send 12 volts up any one of the coax
lines to power 
 mast  mounted preamps.
 6. The ability to select, via menus, which bands go
with which coax 
 jacks. If you have a dual band 2/70 antenna, it would
be nice to put both  bands on the same coax jack, etc.
 The 817 is able to do this in a crude way.
 7. Most would like a built in TNC.  I have no
interest in packet, so  I can't  really comment on
what is needed for that.
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