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Re: NCube-2

I'm still pretty new to this, so bear with me. Am I to understand that SSETI 
just all of a sudden decided to eject this thing that it was supposed to 
have done sometime ago? Could this be any indication that SSETI may yet come 
to life?
Michael, W4HIJ
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> Good news on the possibility of N-cube.
> Apx AOS for the next north to south passes for the USA are:
> 02.34    Low elevation pass over Atlantic. OK from East  coast
> 04.12    East coast
> 05.50    Good coverage all USA
> 07.28    Mid to West coast
> 73
> David    G0MRF
> _http://www.ncube.no/status_ (http://www.ncube.no/status)       437.305
> In a message dated 21/12/2005 23:04:12 GMT Standard Time,
> g.shirville@btinternet.com writes:
> Hi  All,
> We have received a report from NORAD that they have recently  detected an
> additional object in an orbit which is very close to SSETI  Express.
> It is possible that this could be NCube-2 which should have  been deployed
> from Express just after launch on October 27th.
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