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RE: URGENT! New Object near SSETI

Here is the elset:

1 28897U 05043H   05355.19399958  .00000156  00000-0  42647-4 0    10
2 28897 098.1790 251.1363 0017556 010.3969 349.7611 14.59488198   168 

G. Taft DeVere, GS-14
DSN 834-3708

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Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 2:13 PM
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Subject: URGENT! New Object near SSETI

Greetings:  I am not sure who to send this to so I am including all
members of the SSETI Team.  

We (US Air Force) have discovered a new object that is quite close to
the SSETI payload.  We are in the process of cataloging this as 28897
and I will supply an element set shortly, but it is still fairly close
to SSETI.  We believe that this object was ejected on 15 Dec at about

We are wondering if it is possible that this is the N-Cube spacecraft?
I do not understand all of the details of deployment, but we are
wondering if it is possible that the N-Cube satellite could now be
separated and active?  Is there a way to check on this? I fear that the
N-Cube folks may have given up, so I am not sure how to contact them.
Perhaps there is a way to see if there is an N-Cube signal using the
SSETI element set?



G. Taft DeVere, GS-14
DSN 834-3708
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