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Since I read the BB faithfully I will just give you my five-cents worth.  

My satellite activity  dates back to OSCAR 6 days up to current the ones.  I 
operate mostly the SSB birds, particularly AO7B.  AO7 gets a bum rap, and very 
little use.  Well for me and my UK, EU, and SA contacts, and a lot in between, 
it's been great since it came back on.  Yes, I miss the HEO but AO7 and FO29 are 
the next best thing to keep my enthusiasm going until P3 flies.

On AO7 I just about have daily QSOs.  Yes, I said QSOs with my good friends 
G1WPR, PH7PCF and many many more.  In fact, over 37 countries since it came back 
on.  Some days it almost sounds as good as new, other times it has its heart 
murmurs - it's a little weak.  So come on up.  There's plenty of room for 

The morning and evening passes between us and Europe are just great!  It's not 
dead, I can assure you.

Now I'll get off my soap box, and look forward to hearing many new calls on 

Joe, K3SZH
AMSAT 3788
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