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CDMA- was RE: D-star, and Cute 1.7

About CDMA.  Its ok on hamband-440 and up following rules. 

William Leijenaar <pe1rah@yahoo.com> wrote:
>j ust wondered if anyone tought about this as a
>solution for the "aligator" and interference problems

 But one note and we see it in cellular CDMA.  Narrow spreading such as we 
have in our system (Qualcomm based) at work (1.25mHz)  is very suspetable 
to interference.  Because we want  capacity we have to give up interference 
resistance.  Case in point a type of TV rabbit ears antenna with preamp 
that goes spurious has taken down whole CDMA sectors at 880mHz (in North 
Dakota for example...).

  My understanding is the best resistant is a spreading code that spreads 
20 mhz and the right sequence.
I am only a senior rf engineer who specializes in rf-not CDMA theory.

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