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Thanks Bill for my first voice contact from Thailand

Thanks Bill for my first voice contact from Thailand.

PHET writes @ www.issfanclub.com
I would like to say thank you to Bill and all of you. Tonight 2130 Local 
time [1430 UTC] thahiland, I made first voice contact with Bill from 
Udonthani. Udonthani is located 500 Km north east of Bangkok. I am 15 Years 
old boy and still study in school. I have no chance to made sked contact 
with NA1SS during 25th scout jamboree. This opportunity made me really 
excited. Because i only worked ISS through Packet mode only.. and again. 
Thanks for your support. and i would like to say that there are still many 
ham in Thailand awaiting for the contact.

Special Thank : PD0RKC N5VHO WB9IIV And HAMs friend ALL the world for help 
the thai HAMs

73... DE HS4POV:Phet

QSO file Audio : 

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