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Re: New England Listen for Balloon!

In a message dated 19/12/2005 13:24:56 GMT  Standard Time, 
lucleblanc6@videotron.ca writes:
On 18 Dec 2005 at 9:57,  Robert Bruninga wrote:

>> A High altitude balloon was launched  Saturday
>> from the USA and did not burst.  It  is now  300 miles 
>> out over the atlantic and headed towards europe at  
>> 136 MPH:

>As per weather maps the balloon seems to be in  the jet stream! He can make 
>to europe if he survive high winds with  some down draft blocking him to 
>high altitude.  

Luc, I have been monitoring the band all last night and all day Monday and  
still not heard anything but we are still hoping. I know I can hear the  
frequency at distance as I picked up the Navy Academy's callsign via NO-44 I  
believe though I did not know the satellite transmitted on 144.390 MHz  direct 
unless the balloon as a repeater on it?
W3ADO-1>BEACON,SGATE/V [19/12/05 13:22:53]:  <UI>:
If the balloon is still up it should be close to either Europe or may be  
even further south depending on the high altitude winds and directions.
South Wales, UK.
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