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Re: [eagle] Recent meetings on transponder for Phase 3 Express, Eagle, as well as the IHU (computer) for both

Robert McGwier wrote:

> I have uploaded my pictures from two recent meetings:
> http://n4hy.smugmug.com/gallery/1000064
> is the gallery from the November AMSAT Eagle RF meeting held at 
> Lintech in Hamilton, NJ.  Lintech is Al Katz' (K2UYH)  company.  We 
> have KD6OZH signed up to do the receivers,  N2UO signed up for the 
> HELAPS/ EER transmitters, W1GHZ has taken on the job of design some 
> very important pieces of our ambitious 5 GHz system, CC Rider.  Jan 
> came and did a massive dump on the use of his most recent work for 
> link budget analysis.  Al Katz has given us lab space, access to test 
> equipment,  a clean room space, etc. in his fast growing facility at 
> Lintech.
> http://n4hy.smugmug.com/gallery/1050435
> is the gallery from my most recent trip to Marburg to work on the 
> IHU-3 and the SDX.   Also in attendance for the SDX were AB2KT, G6LVB 
> , KK7P representing us and DL1YDD, DB2OS, DJ4ZC, and DL6DBN for 
> AMSAT-DL.  AMSAT-DL is considering flying the Software Defined 
> Transponder (SDX) in P3E and nothing will fly without the IHU-3!  For 
> that reason we are extremely happy to report that Stacey Mills 
> recently completed the radiation tests of the IHU-3 and it 20,000 rads 
> and still works.

Ooops.  I did not capture him in the pictures at the SDX meeting but 
*Ulrich Müller*, DK4VW, was also attending.  Happy Birthday Ulrich!


Laziness is the number one inspiration for ingenuity.  Guilty as charged!
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