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Recent meetings on transponder for Phase 3 Express, Eagle, as well as the IHU (computer) for both

I have uploaded my pictures from two recent meetings:


is the gallery from the November AMSAT Eagle RF meeting held at Lintech 
in Hamilton, NJ.  Lintech is Al Katz' (K2UYH)  company.  We have KD6OZH 
signed up to do the receivers,  N2UO signed up for the HELAPS/ EER 
transmitters, W1GHZ has taken on the job of design some very important 
pieces of our ambitious 5 GHz system, CC Rider.  Jan came and did a 
massive dump on the use of his most recent work for link budget 
analysis.  Al Katz has given us lab space, access to test equipment,  a 
clean room space, etc. in his fast growing facility at Lintech.


is the gallery from my most recent trip to Marburg to work on the IHU-3 
and the SDX.   Also in attendance for the SDX were AB2KT, G6LVB , KK7P 
representing us and DL1YDD, DB2OS, DJ4ZC, and DL6DBN for AMSAT-DL.  
AMSAT-DL is considering flying the Software Defined Transponder (SDX) in 
P3E and nothing will fly without the IHU-3!  For that reason we are 
extremely happy to report that Stacey Mills recently completed the 
radiation tests of the IHU-3 and it 20,000 rads and still works.

Howard (G6LVB) demonstrated the working SDX baseline software, including 
the now successfully modified and perfected STELLA.  You can see some of 
the pictures of the 10.7 MHz baseband unit and his pickoff of these IF's 
in a 2 meter and 70 cm rigs.

Expect to hear lots more about these meetings in my upcoming Engineering 
Notes columns in the AMSAT journal,  some other papers which I hope will 
be  published in the AMSAT DL journal and in QEX.  There is almost no 
way I can express how utterly fantastic an experience this trip was for 
me personally.   I have been on the receiving end of many days of 
one-on-one technical work with Karl and the net result was a huge 
transfer of technology, documentation, etc. that simply must be captured 
and you may expect it to be documented heavily.  One really nice area is 
the re-emergence of IPS in 32 bit form.  Karl has granted permission to 
put almost everything up for a look see under the Gnu Public License.  
Some things, such as engine fire codes and command codes will be changed 
to protect the innocent spacecraft, but this will be a new thing.   I 
expect this documentation and software to be uploaded on both the 
AMSAT-DL and AMSAT-NA web sites.  Expect to hear much more on SDX, IHU, 
and IPS in the coming days.

As you may have seen,  Karl has recently released all of his HELAPS 
notes and Jan, Karl, Gordon Hardeman, et. al. have released a huge 
volume on HELAPS done a long time ago by them.  With the advent of SDX, 
we can implement all of Karl's original thesis ideas on HELAPS.  He gave 
us a fantastiche lecture and taught us a few tricks.  One of the most 
amazing things I saw was the 90% efficient full legal power LINEAR 
amplifier for 80-10 meters built over 30 years ago.  It is so linear 
that it is hard to tell the difference in the IMD from that of the 
transmitter driving it!  With SDX in the driver's seat (pun intended) we 
can expect, if we do our work carefully, a large improvement in the IMD 
and other characteristics of the HELAPS transmitters in future spacecraft.

There is a lot going on so wake up and raise the temperature on the the 

More later/Später,  season's greetings to one and all,

Laziness is the number one inspiration for ingenuity.  Guilty as charged!
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