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Re: New England Listen for Balloon!

  Or FN70, about 500 miles from here in FM29. I have my beam pointed that 
way Bob, but seriously I  doubt I will hear anything. I will leave my 
IC-7000 on it, running WinPACK with a modest 15.8 DBI 2m beam up 85'. Maybe 
the gulf stream will enhance conditions. If I capture any packets I will 
post here....

73 Jeff kb2m

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From: "Robert Bruninga" <bruninga@usna.edu>
To: <amsat-bb@amsat.org>
Sent: Sunday, December 18, 2005 9:57 AM
Subject: [amsat-bb] New England Listen for Balloon!

>A High altitude balloon was launched Saturday
> from the USA and did not burst.  It  is now 300 miles
> out over the atlantic and headed towards europe at
> 136 MPH:
> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?wb8elk-11
> We need beams on the east coast to see how far
> they can hear it.
> Right now 9:55 AM EST it is  at 110,000 feet and
> headed NE at 132.3 MPH ...  It is east-southeast
> from Cape Cod and about 280 miles off shore but
> still being heard...by an APRS station KB1AEV-15
> Raw packet:
> WB8ELK-11>APOT02,KB1AEV-15*,WIDE2-1,qAR,N1OFZ-15:
> /181440z4022.54N/06450.07WO073/115/A=110178 05.0V 03C HDOP00.8 SATS1
> **********************
> The University of Alabama - Huntsville Balloonatics group have launched a
> balloon which has got stuck. It is hovering at 61,000 feet or thereabouts 
> over
> the TN/VA border.
> If anyone wishes to listen on 146.565, I am sure that Bill would be very
> pleased to get any signal reports directly at wb8elk@aol.com.
> Check out this URL (I've been unable to get findu to print the whole of 
> the
> flight track on one page):
> <http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/track.cgi?call=wb8elk-11&start=5000> .
> Hopefully, though I think unlikely,... the APRS will burst into life 
> tomorrow
> morning too, and will update the map.
> Iain   KI4HLV
> --- wb8elk@aol.com wrote:
>> To: balloonatics@yahoogroups.com
>> CC: balloon_sked@yahoogroups.com, GPSL@yahoogroups.com
>> From: wb8elk@aol.com
>> Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 22:30:44 EST
>> Subject: [Balloonatics] East Coast stations please listen in the morning
> (Sun) for WB8ELK balloon beacon
>> My estimated flight path from the last packet signal at 5:48 pm CST (near
> Kingsport, TN) indicates that the payload may fly out to sea east of 
> Richmond,
>> VA and at sunrise may be about 200 miles offshore.....at sunrise, it will 
>> be
> within 200 miles of the following locations:  Philadelphia, NYC, Boston, 
> Wash
> DC and may also be heard from Richmond or Virginia Beach, VA.
>> There is a chance that the balloon beacon on 146.565 MHz FM (WB8ELK - 
>> audio
> CW - on for 18 seconds and off for 12 seconds) may come back to  life 
> after
> the sun warms it up....also, the packet may start to work again  as well -
> WB8ELK-11 on 144.39.
>> The balloon will stay up several hours after sunrise until it hits peak
> altitude so anyone that can monitor Sunday morning (or even afternoon), 
> please
> email me if you hear anything from it.
>> _wb8elk@aol.com_ (mailto:wb8elk@aol.com)
>> 73s de Bill WB8ELK
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