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Re: IT print

At 10:13 PM 12/16/2005, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> >>> "Carlos Roberto Paoli - PY2FFZ"
> >Hold "Print Screen", open notepad then "Ctrl +V" or
> >go to "Edit" and "Paste" finally "File" and "Print"...
>I used to be able to do that for DOS screens, but now
>it no longer works.  I dont know what changed.  But
>when I hit print-scrn, and then open paint to past
>the image, the "paste" is greyed-out.  (this is for
>graphics)  havent tried it on text into a text editor.
>But Im running Windows XP pro and really miss the
>print-scrn -> paste feature.  Does anyone know
>how to re-enable it?

Just hit the print screen key and then copy it into PAINT. Works for 
any graphic type page. I use it all the time.

Think about it .....
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73, Bill Sinbine
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