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PCSAT-1 may be hybernating again.

Sometime before 2202z on the 15th PCSAT-1
suffered a reset to W3ADO-1 and lost its low
power settings.  Now at 1740z on the 17th,
I sent the restore commands, but with 33 minute
eclipses, it is doubtfull they will hold.  We may have
lost her until March?

Does anyone know exactly when she shifted back
to W3ADO-1?  This is the oldest packet that 
http://pcsat.aprs.org shows:

2005 12/15/2202z : W3ADO-1>BEACON...,qAR,AC7YY-15:

Actually, since that is #007, then the actual time of
the TNC reset was 2155z, but that was a 3 AM over
China?  If it runs down in eclipse, it is doubtful it
will power back up while still in the dark.

Did anyone see anything unusual?
In the meantime, I have turned off the DIGI and
set the CALLsign of NODIGI.  Thanks

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