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Re: FT-847 replacement]

Hi Folks,
all very good ideas.. but to be honest, I don't believe such a radio
will be produced for us.

BUT: This does not mean, we cannot do it ourself. After all, we are
radio amateurs. Have a look at this:


This idea is not from me nor is it new.. but it somehow died in 2001.

My proposal:

- collect all needs in one document (call it 'white paper')
- split up in subsystems and define interfaces
- distribute work to interested OMs

IF there is enough interest, this could really work.. I mean, we are
building satellites ourself, a transceiver is not so far fetched.

All this project could go under Amsat coordination.. PCBs (or even
modules) could be distributed later via the Amsat-shops.. and all of it
can/will/should be open-source/GNU public license.

For shortwave, something similar exists already.. try google for
'picastar'.. I have built one myself and I (and many other builders) are
very pleased, to say at least..

What do you think? Is is worth a try?

73s Achim, DH2VA/HB9DUN
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