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Re: Question from VO-52 Dutch Transponder Designer

On 16 Dec 2005 at 18:34, Diane Bruce wrote:

> This is also a good time to mention most folks are running way too
> much power into Williams transponder. It does not take much, I can usually
> get away with 5 watts the entire pass (CW). Some of the pumping
> and the artefacts that sound like someone talking on top of CW stations
> are really nasty. Both the CW and SSB guys are guilty of running too much
> power, it's not an us vs. them. I hear CW pumping I hear voice weirdness.
> (I run both modes depending on how late it is at night. CW is quieter. ;-) )
> I also used to hear similar on the Dutch transponder, so this isn't a
> new problem.
> Folks, try dropping your power a bit listening to yourself and see if you
> notice any difference.  I bet you won't.
> - 73 Diane VA3DB

Especially true in CW where some seems to not be aware it takes even much less 
power to achieve reliable communication. CW with excessive power makes the 
transponder nearly unusable. If a can suggest a way to check if you are using 
too much power just reduce your power until a point where you are not able to 
ear yourself well then compare your actual signal with the average other one on 
the transponder. If you see that you are below this "average level" you will 
normally using enough power but if you are over this average this can be a clue 
that you have to improve your RX side.

If i can suggest a mutual way to interract on the various transponder, if you 
see an "offending" too high power signal just send him a couple of QRP'S in CW. 
This will tell him three things. 1- He's using too much power, 2 this will 
boost his ego in telling that him he is a big boomer, 3- from this point if he 
don't reduce the power you will have to send  LID instead of QRP. The end 
result can be a tranponder full of QRP'S or full of LID'S. :) (joke)

Without a LEILA system we can only rely on us to help each one if my QRP 
suggestion is made the polite way  (i'm not referencing this BB at times here 
as it seems to be an AMSAT-NA way of conduct?) we can could be achieve a more 
usable transponder!

The cranking up of power deserve nothing on a transponder. Try this little 
experiment when you see your signal dropping you better stop to transmit and 
try to find the culprit signal. When you located it start to call CQ near this 
signal you will be able to hear that your signal drops each and every time he 
starts his transmission. Then you will have three options wait until he stops 
transmitting and start to transmit. Wait to the next available pass hoping he 
will not be there or start to use my QRP suggestion.

If after using the "QRP alert" the operator refuse to cooperate could be a 
polite personal message can be useful if you still see no improvement this will 
confirm that it is really a LID and your remaining options are yours even the 
use of AMSAT-BB as anything is permitted there with the BOD blessings?

Fot those who where active on AO-40 will remember (even their call letters) 
stations who regularly engaged in QSO using excessive power. To comfort us all 
this was not restricted to continents but it was a world wide plea...  One 
question remain is it possible when heavy usage of a tranponder is present even 
using what we can called "not an excessive " power can became excessive? This 
way we will be facing a maximum users limitation. Could be a future LEILA 
system will have to block any other signal over a preestablish limit? As in a 
restaurant waiting line you know that you will ended up at the table but you 
don't know when:) On our present LEO'S  this system will look like a Weight 
Watcher program.

My commenting are personal and as it is written below "Opinions expressed are 
those of the author." The way i understand this is whats is coming from AMSAT-
NA or BOD members or area coordinators on AMSAT-BB has been always personal 
opinions only?

If i extend my reasoning just a bit there is nothing official ever posted on 
AMSAT-BB just a lot of "personal opinions"? Could be a reader opinion section 
in the AMSAT-NA journal will be a way to let the membership express and voices 
their opinions freely there too? As a democratic body who seek money from 
federal agencies this will show how real this democratic principle is!  

"It is not the class of license the amateur holds, but the class of the amateur 
that holds the license."

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
AMSAT 33583

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