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Portable for 2 weeks

Hello everyone,
        The XYL and I will be portable from 12-23 to 1-8. The XYL and I are 
starting from FN12 in NY and headed to EN69 in IN., then to EM74 in GA, than 
to EM00 in TX, than off to EL17 in TX, than up to EL59 in LA, back to EM74 
in GA and then home to FN12. As you can imagine, we will be covering a lot 
of grids that are not normally on the air. I will try to operate as many 
passes of AO-51, FO-29, VO-52, AO-7 (B-mode) and possibly AO-27 and SO-50. I 
will be using mobile antennas while on the road and an Arrow on a tripod 
while stopped. I am hoping that AO-51 will remain in V/U mode during this 
trip (I have requested it with the command team) but if not, look for me on 
the other birds.
        We should be in IN. on 12-23(night) to 12-24 (morning), GA. from 
12-24 to 12-27, FN00 in TX from 12-28 to 12-30(morning), EL17 in TX from 
12-30(night) to 1-2, to EL59 in LA for the night of 1-3, headed back to GA 
1-4 for a day, then toward FN12 NY on 1-7. All dates are subject to change 
but should be somewhere close (I hope). I hope to hear you on one of the 
birds. I will also have 20 meters on board as well, more than likely on the 
county hunters freq. between satellite passes.
                73 and happy holidays,
                            Rob  KB2YCC       Robin KB2YVA 
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