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Re: FT-847 replacement: suggested feature

Cathryn Mataga wrote:

> 2.  Audio jacks for hooking to a PC.  This is a no-brainer.  Two little 
> jacks, just like on the sound cards for
> soundcard line in and out.

Just extend that sentiment to...

Please manufacturers, stop using non-standard connectors that we can't 
find on cables lying around the house that we're willing to cut up 
anyway because we already have ten of them and we're pack-rats...  ;-)

RCA, 1/8" stereo, and yeah... if you're going to put DIN plugs on the 
silly thing, use the same 4-pin pinout as S-Video... we can find those 
at ANY store.

Mic jacks should be fine as RJ45's (they're getting there, most mobiles 
are there now) with straight-through pinouts so we can grab any ol' 
Ethernet cable to extend them.

Put an AC input on back of any radio destined for a desk, with a 
standard IEC cable 3-pin (PC-style) AC plug connector, but leave us DC 
inputs on the back also in case we need that.  If it's a switching 
supply, design the birdies into areas of bands we don't care about, and 
give us a way to move them around a little via a knob, like the Alinco 
power supplies.

This little mental thought process has been fun.  I hope someone from 
the manufacturers is listening.  Many of these suggestions would cost 
virtually nil to implement.

Of course, the one that wasn't mentioned yet... we said "packet" but 
make sure APRS is in there, like the D700 (or better?) too.  1200 and 
9600.  On the front panel display.   No PC required.  ;-)

Nate WY0X
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