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Re: FT-847 replacement: suggested feature

1.  Sequencer built into radio.  Programmable delay for each stage -- 
preamp/amp/transverter/ and then transmit. 
(Is it such a problem using a bias-T? Would Preamp control on the aux 
jack rather than the coax be better, since
you could insert it after amps and transverters then?)
2.  Audio jacks for hooking to a PC.  This is a no-brainer.  Two little 
jacks, just like on the sound cards for
soundcard line in and out.
3.  Transverter antenna jack.  Never puts out more than 100mw or so.  
Can use 1.2G/144Mhz/28Mhz IF.
4.  No-solder option for a SYMEK IFD type board.
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