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Re: SDR-1000 (was FT-847 discontinued?)

Dave G. wrote:
> Howard,
> I agree completely...  :-)    Windows is very 'fat'!
> And time-slices rather than being interrupt driven,
> I dual boot into Linux for the (semi)Real Time stuff.
> Before retirement I supported various flavours of Unix. I'd 
> run Solaris but for the problems of cross-porting software.
> Thank the software gods for Java :-))

Now if we just had a Java DSP stack that did PSK-31 and the other digital modes. 
  I wish we could get people to use Java for Amatuer Radio.  It really is up to 
a lot more than people think.  The DSP stuff will be a challenge because of 
Java's true floating point implementation.  But, stuff that is not as demanding 
as QSK would be easily doable in Java if we just had all the basics available. 
I'm an able bodied Java Developer, but I don't have the experience with DSP 
software to create a DSP package from scratch.  I've looked at porting some of 
the available ones into Java.  Unfortunately, many of the more popular and well 
supported and well refined versions have assembly optimizations for intel 
processors strewn throughout them...

Gregg Wonderly
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