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RE: SDR-1000 (was FT-847 discontinued?)

Quoting "Dave G." <dmg@bossig.com>:

> Howard,
> I agree completely...  :-)    Windows is very 'fat'!
> And time-slices rather than being interrupt driven,
> I dual boot into Linux for the (semi)Real Time stuff.

Furthermore, if I'm correct, the Linux kernel can be tweaked to provide
better latency. Have people found better results using the SDR-1000 hooked
up to a well-tuned linux box?

The SDR-1000 seems in many respects ideal for satellite work, particularly
as amateurs push the boundaries of SDR in the birds. It would be possible
for control stations to offer upgraded ground-station software as they
experiment with improved software in the bird. Most of us have a computer
by the radios, anyway.

A previous comment noted that two SDR-1000s would be required for full
duplex operation. I wonder if a duplex version of the SDR-1000 could be
offered for less cost than two units.

Thanks for an interesting discussion,

73, VE9QRP
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